Ancient Astrology for the Modern Era

As more and more traditional astrological techniques are translated for the first time in the modern world, we receive tools to unlock information about our paths to help us live our best lives. Book a consultation today to start your path!

Divine Orbit Astrology


In a 1×1 or couple/group reading, you’ll learn more about your astrological natal chart, what it means for you, and when certain aspects will become activated in the year ahead.

Astrology Journals

Using the cycle of a single planet, I’ve created reflection prompts and calendars for you to see how that planet plays our in your life (and how it’s played out in previous cycles!) You can even get a customized journal that will include your personal natal chart cycles!


I create weekly forecast and special topic videos to help explain what’s happening in the skies right now!

Mailing List

Sign up for my mailing list, and when you provide your birth data, you’ll also receive customized weekly emails outlining what you’ll experience in the week ahead, astrologically!

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