Main Event This Week:

Mercury ingress into Gemini

(Tuesday, May 29)

At home in Gemini, Mercury witnesses the birth of new ideas, a renaissance of perspective and communication. The only thing holding it back is its proximity to the Sun (also in Gemini), which makes Mercury invisible to the naked eye– but wait until Mercury is exactly aligned with the Sun on June 5, and you’ll see that Mercury has been watching you lay the groundwork for something big all along. Mercury will remain in Gemini for about 2 weeks, speeding through on its way to Cancer.

Impact of Mercury based on your Rising Sign:

Aries, Libra, or Aquarius: You’ll find your muse around the corner and the inspiration flows freely.

Taurus or Scorpio: Now’s the time to take your investment research or savings plan and put it into action!

Gemini or Cancer: Get ready for a perspective change or different dialogue than you’ve been used to.

Leo or Sagittarius: Expect a boost in relationships or partnerships for a couple weeks.

Virgo, Capricorn, or Pisces: It’s time to get organized to get stuff DONE, whether at home or the office.

Don’t know your Rising Sign? Check out my post on how to find it!

This week Mercury also receives a Trine aspect from Mars (on Friday), almost canceling out the overpowering effects of the Sun. Your ideas and communication will get a supercharge as if you had just downed 5 energy drinks in a row! Manifestation of your ideas seems even closer to reality than before.

Mercury also aligns with the star Aldebaran on Sunday, witnessing a challenge of honor and integrity that, if you pass the challenge, will give you success in the area that Mercury is transiting through in your life.


Update (6/3/18): As a Rising Sagittarius, this week definitely showed some fireworks with relationships, ultimately for the better! There’s nothing better than the feeling of resolving tension with someone and becoming closer as a result. Friday was definitely the height of emotion with Mars aspecting Mercury providing that energetic momentum in relationships!

Other Aspects This Week:

Full Moon in Sagittarius (Tuesday)

Information, desires, and inhibitions are let loose as the Moon in Sagittarius reflects the light of the Sun back to the Earth in full effect. Stay true to yourself and remember not to take everything at face value, but to question and challenge information as well.

Sun Conjunct the star Aldebaran (Thursday)

It’s time to talk out loud about what you’ve been observing but keeping silent or to yourself. From a place of doing what feels right (and from a place of compassion), shine the light of the Sun in Gemini on the matter at hand.

Venus Trine Jupiter (Friday)

Your insecurities are comforted by nurturing and pampering, either by recognizing the need for this and practicing some self-care, or from friends or family who have recognized that you need the comfort.

Neptune Trine Venus (Saturday) 

The worries of the world give way to calm, meditation, and relaxation. Your individual strength comes not from being active all the time, but from going through cycles of action and rest.



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