Main Event This Week:

Mercury Cazimi in Gemini

(Tuesday, June 5)

When Mercury is Cazimi, it is directly aligned with the Sun, or as the ancients said, was in the “heart of the Sun”. Mercury could not be stronger at this moment! In it’s home sign of Gemini, empowered by the rays of the Sun, the culmination of its 2-week journey through Gemini is this moment. Take a look at how this will play out based on your Rising Sign in last week’s post, and watch what happens as structure, perspective, and information take shape in your world.

On Wednesday, as Mercury exits the “heart of the Sun”, Neptune squares Mercury. This event signifies tension or action & reaction based on false information, a disconnection from reality, or distortion of your perception in an area of your life. Read below to figure out which aspect of your life this might impact you in:

Rising Signs (don’t know your Rising Sign? Find out here!)
Aries: An unexpected surprise or constraint changes your short-term plans.
Taurus: Friends or peers end up costing you more than you bargained for!
Gemini: A situation at work ends up giving you a new perspective or idea for a solution.
Cancer: Information you’ve been holding on to for a while ends up coming in handy.
Leo: Unexpected resources are distributed to the right people or group.
Virgo: A close partner takes the spotlight or becomes the center of your attention.
Libra: Illness or injury forces you to take the time to think or process new information.
Scorpio: Your imagination takes hold and inspires new structure and design for plan involving other people’s resources.
Sagittarius: Your private thoughts or feelings end up manifesting in a partnership or relationship.
Capricorn: A nearby influence has a solution for something that’s been plaguing your health or stress.
Aquarius: Funding for a project you didn’t think would happen is finally on its way!
Pisces: A new perspective or mindset changes your home or family life.

Other Aspects This Week:

Pluto Opposite Venus (Tuesday)

The conflict between seeking comfort and making changes intensifies and an opportunity to balance both presents itself. The key is to not try to indulge both comfort and change at once, but to know when to engage in each cyclically.

Neptune Square the Sun (Thursday)

Your ideals may have been clouding your ability to see things as they are in reality. An event forces you to reconcile your views of the world with how you’d like to see the world, and to take action for your vision to manifest.



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