Mercury in Cancer

& Venus in Leo

Tuesday, June 12

& Wednesday, June 13


Alright, this post is late (published on Saturday)… so you’ll just have to take my word that the below is purely based on the theoretical astrology. It just happens to line up for me very well! Check out my reflections in each section below!

Two important transits happen this week, starting with Mercury moving into Cancer on Tuesday. In the watery sign of Cancer, Mercury creates more emotionality in our perspectives and communications. You might find yourself getting into impassioned speeches or arguments, for better or for worse! If the person you’re talking to is emotionally expressive, this might be just what you need to make a stronger connection– but if you’re talking to someone who is normally emotionally restrained, this might cause miscommunication or mistrust. Mercury will stay in Cancer until June 29, so strap in for the emotional rollercoaster for the next few weeks.

This week I found myself hyperfocused on my own emotions, and less able to respond to the emotions expressed by others! I definitely had to take some deep breaths and break out all my empathy skills!

Venus entering the fiery sign of Leo, on the other hand, it will feel good to be noticed and to be generous with your affections! You will feel the desire to indulge in creative, passionate projects and to engage others in those projects, as well. You might also find yourself wanting to treat others and pay for things more– just make sure you check your wallet before over-committing and making a choice you might regret later. Venus stays in Leo through July 9, so enjoy the spotlight for the next three weeks!


Rising Signs

(Don’t know your Rising Sign? Find out here!)

Aries: While your creativity is supercharged by Venus, watch out for miscommunications with family that might not understand your urgency and passion.

Taurus: You might find yourself feeling lost or disconnected from siblings or peers, but self-care and some time at home will comfort you and provide the sense of safety you need to ground you.

Gemini: The way you spend your money might surprise you or be impulsive for the next few weeks, so make sure you’re finding ways to cut your budget or use your connections to find bargains or discounts.

Cancer: Your desire to connect with others and put yourself out there might end up costing more than you thought– limit your spending and don’t make any permanent decisions like getting a tattoo or dyeing your hair until you’re sure it’s what you want.

Leo: You’re at more of a risk for putting your foot in your mouth over the next few weeks, so make sure you’re in a position to apologize or stand your ground before your get into any arguments or discussions.

Virgo: You’re meeting new people and connecting to new causes with renewed energy & enthusiasm; just make sure that you’re thoroughly vetting your commitments and promises before you bite off more than you can chew.

Libra: Opportunities to speak or share your viewpoint arise and are very exciting! These may lead to new partnerships, friends, or further opportunities you were hoping to explore.

Scorpio: Crossed wires are very likely, especially over misunderstandings due to difference of opinion or perspective. Try not to resolve things on social media or leave any “receipts” with anyone, because it’s better to resolve things that get out of hand once things have blown over.

Sagittarius: Speaking on behalf of others is required, and as a result you gain access to places and spaces with added opportunity or value– just make sure you pick your path wisely before you commit, since you might see multiple opportunities arise!

Capricorn: Your partners express themselves passionately and you connect back in the same way– just make sure you’re not overstepping into someone else’s territory or telling someone else how to manage their own affairs.

Aquarius: You might be inspired to take on a new change to your health or routines– do your research first and make sure it’s right for you and that it’s not someone else’s path or benefit.

Pisces: The time for fun and games has arrived, or maybe that vacation or relaxation day you’ve been planning or waiting for! The risk for overindulging is high, though, so make sure you balance what you can to avoid illness or injury.


Other Aspects This Week:

New Moon in Gemini (Wednesday)

This next month is a time for socializing, shifting attention to what you need to re-focus on, and for catching up on what is most important to you. Your goals become clear and you need to plan for how to achieve them.

Uranus Sextile Mercury (Wednesday)

Unexpected resources or money provides an opportunity to express yourself or inspire others toward your goals. This provides the momentum you have been searching for to launch a new venture or project.

Uranus Square Venus (Thursday)

Your indulgence in things or relationships is cut short abruptly by an unexpected change or surprise. Re-evaluate your situation and sort out the silver lining in the situation. Uranus always surprises us, but often gives us a better situation than we had before once we can reflect on the new territory we find ourselves in.

Saturn Opposite Mercury (Friday)

A problem arises requiring you to reach out and communicate. There are many small steps that make this process frustrating, but look for the larger lesson that Saturn is here to teach you about how to avoid this situation in the future. At first glance you don’t find any fault in the situation, and you’re right– so focus on how you can be more prepared when this happens to you again!

I REALLY felt the Saturn/Mercury opposition. As a Sagittarius rising, this transit affected the management of my resources– and manifested as my credit card being unexpectedly deactivated! It took my 3 phone calls and an in-person visit to my bank to get it resolved… all because I didn’t realize they had mailed me a replacement card. Annoying– but partially my fault for not better checking my own mail! Saturn gives us the opportunity to learn by giving us mistakes or barriers to overcome.

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