Sun in Cancer

Thursday, June 21

For the next month, the Sun will be in the sign of Cancer. Your instincts to nurture and protect others will be heightened, but beware the overindulgence of taking care of others without practicing good self-care. As the Sun moves across this part of the sky it will make several aspects to planets, introducing some tension with long-term projects and organizations, and harmony with natural resources and community.

But first, on Saturday the Sun receives a sextile aspect from Uranus. This kicks off your month of nurturing with new resources or abilities that will change how you interact with others. This could mean the discovery of a new routine or remedy, or finding a new place to rest and recharge with friends or family.

Rising Signs

(Don’t know your Rising Sign? Find out here!)

Aries: Your home or family are what you hope to nurture this month.

Taurus: Your attention is drawn to advocate for changes in your neighborhood or with your siblings.

Gemini: This is a great month to take stock of your finances and to take steps to save a little extra cash here and there!

Cancer: Take time to re-charge, to take care of yourself and put up your walls in order to weather what you need to.

Leo: Your assistance will be needed unexpectedly, so make sure your own house is in order in case you need to respond to other people’s emergencies.

Virgo: Spend some time now with your friends or investing in social causes to make a lasting bond.

Libra: Your career or public life attracts attention that you’ll need to respond to or take care of more than usual.

Scorpio: It’s a good time to get your plans for travel or learning finalized and into action.

Sagittarius: If you’ve needed to manage other people’s affairs, this is a perfect time to fulfill the needs of others.

Capricorn: You might find your partners needing more support from you than usual this next month.

Aquarius: It’s time to start that new workout or routine you’ve been thinking about! You’ll start seeing results you’ll be happy about if you do.

Pisces: Set aside time for nurturing what’s most important, whether it’s time with your kids or creative projects.

Other Aspects This Week:

Mercury Trine Jupiter (Tuesday)

While Jupiter in Scorpio is all about finding the secrets people are hiding and singing them from the rooftops, Mercury in Cancer is well-poised to give a voice to that effort. Answers will seem to come out from nowhere just when you need them, and they will help you to move plans forward!

Neptune Trine Mercury (Wednesday)

The purpose you have in making your corner of the world a better place becomes clearer today! Emotional conflicts get resolved today, and perspectives shift as a result of increased empathy and communication.

Mars Opposite Venus (Thursday)

You might wake up today wanting to play and indulge yourself, but Mars’ nervous energy sends anxiety coming your way. Luckily, Venus is strong enough stand on her own, and even Mars’ harsh energy is subdued by her strength. Pay attention to what people want and what they need today, and help them out if you’re able!

Pluto Opposite Mercury (Saturday)

Whatever you’re resolved to accomplish today, realize that forces are at play that might be out of your control. Recognize when you need to retreat and re-organize your resources for another day, and don’t spend too much time spinning out if things don’t go your way.

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