Mars Retrograde

Tuesday, June 26


Mars has been slowing down in the skies lately, and on Tuesday it will make a complete stop before appearing to trace its path backwards across the stars. For us, this Mars retrograde motion asks us to retrace our own steps through Aquarius and Capricorn, making us revisit things that we maybe didn’t notice at first glance, or re-open problems we thought had been resolved.

The path of the cranky retrograde planet takes it back through early Aquarius and into Capricorn (where Mars is actually very productive), and back to the point it first was on May 11, 2018. Think back to what events were happening just over a month ago, and you might start to see where this Mars retrograde will take you. In general, connections you thought you’d made don’t seem to be that strong, and you’ll need to do some digging to figure out just how to get back on track. Mars will stay retrograde until late August, so buckle up and stay humble!

Rising Signs

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Aries Reconnecting with old friends is important now, especially with those that you have been meaning to see for a while, now.
Taurus Shifting priorities at work may mean that the foundation for projects you laid down this past month isn’t as solid as you thought, causing delay or derailing.
Gemini Travel plans or conference plans get put on hold or need to be corrected.
Cancer Plans you put into place to take care of other people’s care need to be revisited.
Leo Be careful in close relationships– you might find yourself putting your foot in your mouth!
Virgo Your new workout buddy or health store might not be as reliable as you were hoping for.
Libra Double check your creative projects or plans for children– you might find you need a back-up plan!
Scorpio Renovating your home or connecting with family gets put on a delay.
Sagittarius You might need to find some alternative routes due to traffic or construction on your normal commutes.
Capricorn Check on that deal you thought had come through– there may be some fine print or unexpected complications.
Aquarius That new look or fashion might not look as good as you thought– remind yourself what’s most important about you and your expressions!
Pisces Take care to protect yourself from the unexpected– solid foundations might give out due to cracks you didn’t see before!


Other Aspects This Week:

Venus Square Jupiter (Monday)

Tensions from the weekend over trust or anxiety are confronted by the playful nature of Venus in Leo. Don’t overindulge just to relax, since you still have things to pay attention to!

Full Moon in Capricorn (Wednesday)

Your long-term goals require short-term effort and growth, and this is the perfect time to watch the fruits of your labor yield results! Use this good feeling to keep pushing forward and not lose any momentum.

Saturn Opposite Sun (Wednesday)

Saturn’s mentorship also encourages you to keep pushing yourself and hold to a high standard. You might find yourself pushing too far, but before you pull back make sure you’re at a good stopping point in any work you’re doing.

Mercury in Leo (Friday)

Boastful Mercury in Leo enjoys talking about themselves and soaking in the charisma! During this time use your confidence and stick to talking about the things you’re most proud of to avoid over-selling yourself!

Uranus Square Mercury (Saturday)

Your self-confidence skips a beat as the environment around you changes. Beware of standing your ground too firmly in arguments that you haven’t done research in for a while– others may have better information than you!


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