Fireworks: Mars Opposite Mercury

Wednesday, July 4


A better astrological aspect couldn’t be found to match the fireworks of the day! Mars’ retrograde in Aquarius has you picking fights already and threatening to cut ties, and when opposite Mercury this easily turns into verbal arguments and impatience with others. Diplomacy and research will help you avoid the pull of negativity and prevent you from taking things too far! Enjoy the fireworks today instead of becoming them!

Rising Signs

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Aries You can’t resist the urge to prove your creative genius, but slow down and take inspiration from those who have come before you in order to have a solid set of skills to show!
Taurus You feel strongly the burden of the expectations other people put on you, but now is the time cast aside the things holding you back and venture on your own.
Gemini Tension between what you have learned and what else you have left to learn overwhelms you. Listen to others and don’t make hasty decisions until you’ve seen all the facts.
Cancer Competition runs through your veins today, and you feel the need to win first place! Make sure you plan out your ideas well before making false claims of superiority.
Leo It takes extra energy today to interact with others, but don’t let that barrier cause you to make unnecessary compromises. You’re worthy and you don’t have to convince anyone but yourself!
Virgo People taking you for granted bothers you the most, especially when you have so many details and logistics to take care of. Practice self-care and take breaks to keep your mind and body in the game.
Libra You may think you don’t need the support of others in order to accomplish your ambitions, but don’t be in a rush to forget those who support you along your path. Acknowledge the help you receive and seek those who would continue building you up.
Scorpio Fear of rejection is something you’re all too familiar with, but use the skills that you’ve been developing your whole life to challenge others’ expectations.
Sagittarius Anxiety over the skills you are lacking threatens to ruin your mood, but remember that all you can do is keep seeking information and answers, and the experience will provide you with everything you need to do a good job.
Capricorn Seeing others’ succeed motivated you to do the same, but something holds you back. Don’t feel the need to follow the same path others have walked, but rather blaze your own trail with the assets you have that no one else does.
Aquarius When no one seems to listen to you or they seem to not take you seriously, there is little that is more frustrating! You have the perspective to find a compromise, and you have to convince others of this in order to find the solution.
Pisces Your work is important, and so are your efforts, but today these things go unnoticed by others. Keep reinforcing what you know to be true in your communication to others and eventually they’ll see things your way.


Other Aspects This Week:

Sun Trine Jupiter (Thursday)

Things seem too difficult to continue working toward a solution, at times, especially when there are others who oppose you or societal pressure to conform or act a certain way. Today’s energy provides the perspective you need to find the path forward, but no one else can take the first step for you– you have to put one foot in front of the other and put in the hard work to make wonderful things happen!

Neptune Trine Sun (Sunday)

Your own vision and intuition are clear, even if what you see from your perspective shows negative things. It’s up to you to express your vision clearly to others, to help combat any negativity in partnership with others, and today your voice holds influencing power over others.


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