Taking Responsibility: Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Thursday, July 12


As the Sun & the Moon join in an eclipse in Cancer (not visible in the United States), they also oppose Pluto in Capricorn. This eclipse series focuses on relationships– whether it’s “will they, won’t they” or friends trying to bury the hatchet, this eclipse deeply concerns anyone in a rocky situation with a close friend. While you may want to nurture this friendship and rekindle it, the harsh reality of Pluto causes you to rethink the probability that you really can reach the heights of your relationship. But rather than try to rekindle what you once had, focusing on moving forward and making new memories might be the best way to proceed.

Rising Signs

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Aries Trying to throw yourself into work in order to prove to over-demanding parents or relatives only leads to burn-out! You are sensitive to the needs of others and how to fulfill them, but ignoring your own needs ends up helping no one and proving nothing.
Taurus While it’s true that only you hold the key to uncovering your identity, ignoring what others bring to your field of view doesn’t allow your self-image to grow and evolve over time. Review new information and integrate it into your understanding.
Gemini You’re always on the lookout for how you can contribute, but this constant search for fulfilling the needs of others leaves you vulnerable when it comes to meeting your own needs. Practicing self-care might not seem important but when you don’t you’re not the only one who loses out.
Cancer Feeling like you are the only one you can trust might lead to feeling successful when you accomplish things, it also causes you to see adversaries as people to conquer. Stepping out of your own way to see someone else’s perspective often leads to more broad learning.
Leo Pushing yourself to the limit because you feel you need to do better is probably driven by deep-seated emotional issues that can leave you in a constant cycle of exhaustion. Sit with your emotions before acting and your imagination might show you a better path.
Virgo It seems like your peers are constantly achieving more than you, so find reminders that you are in control of your path and that the choices you’ve made and the choices you’re making are ones no one else gets to live with but you!
Libra When stress at work from coworkers or superiors is overwhelming, find ways to continue thriving and building your creative skill-set. When the time is right to carve your own path, you’ll need the solid foundation to take the next step from.
Scorpio While it seems like you face challenges to your truths around every corner, a deep belief in your own self-efficacy pulls you through. Don’t worry about bringing others with you when your path is one of disruption and revolution.
Sagittarius While it’s much easier to reject those who might challenge what you hold to be true, it’s your own commitment to others than ensures you have the patience to continue engaging with them. Sometimes consistency breeds trust more than agreement.
Capricorn Feeling vulnerable is never easy, and right now you might feel like you’re on display for public view. True confidence is acquired through accurate assessments of your own worth through your eyes, not through the eyes of others.
Aquarius While you might be able to see the solution in a situation where others can’t, it’s not enough simply to hold the vision. Involving others in your vision enables it to come to life and to fruition.
Pisces Having others not listening to you can be super frustrating, but getting a fresh view of the situation allows you to find that creative solution and fulfilling your goals, demanding the recognition from others.


Other Aspects This Week:

Venus in Virgo (Monday)

Venus takes her time in Virgo, struggling to find the recognition for her beauty that she finds in other parts of the sky. Stay humble and you will be rewarded in due time.

Mercury Square Jupiter (Monday)

Impatience is not something you should afford to indulge in today. Stay engaged in finding the truth and in getting to the bottom of things and only then you’ll have what you need to find the long-term resolution.

Jupiter Stations Direct (Tuesday)

Movement finally pushes through in the area of your life that Jupiter has been going through since last November. Jupiter’s search for the truth brings us through some things we’re not prepared to see, but today you start to realize that the journey was well worth the resulting perspective.

Uranus Trine Venus (Wednesday)

While your plans may start to fall behind your original ambitions, you start to see the benefits to slowing down and re-assessing your needs. Find the tools you actually need to do the job and you’ll realize you were never far from the path you originally started on.

Venus Trine Saturn (Saturday)

You’ve learned to be cautious and to take things one step at a time to avoid catastrophe, but having faith in people and processes ends up creating the support you need to move forward onto the next step confidently.


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