Lights, Eclipse, Action!


Today’s lunar eclipse conjunct Mars will be sure to produce sparks! Tensions, especially in family relationships or friendships, tend to get heated to the point where people disconnect. Try to resolve things when both parties are ready or you could risk further flare-ups!


(Don’t know your Rising Sign? Find out here!)


The area that this lunar eclipse affects depends on your rising sign. Find out the area for your sign below:


Aries: Social groups or networks

Taurus: The workplace

Gemini: Relationships with people far away or in religious or philosophical roles

Cancer: People who take care of you or who you take care of

Leo: Close partners

Virgo: People you see daily or who you work with (or who work for you)

Libra: Children or people who work closely with you creatively

Scorpio: Your family or parents

Sagittarius: Peers, siblings, or people you go to school with

Capricorn: People who work with money or in security that you work with (or who work for you)

Aquarius: This lunar eclipse strongly influences the relationship you have with yourself!

Pisces: Adversaries or competitors, especially those you may not have seen in a while

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