Growth & Maturity


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Sun Trine Moon (7 PM)

What you have learned from practicing your charisma and communication is helping secure your future opportunities. You learn to focus your attention on what you need to in order to grow.

How to Apply This to Your Houses:

For example, I’m a Sagittarius Rising, so this means my 9th House affects my 1st House.

This could mean the communication I’ve done around spiritual matters (9th House topic) is helping open up opportunities for my own personal development (1st House topic).

Aries Rising: 5th House affects 9th House

Taurus Rising: 4th House affects 8th House

Gemini Rising: 3rd House affects 7th House

Cancer Rising: 2nd House affects 6th House

Leo Rising: 1st House affects 5th House

Virgo Rising: 12th House affects 4th House

Libra Rising: 11th House affects 3rd House

Scorpio Rising: 10th House affects 2nd House

Sagittarius Rising: 9th House affects 1st House

Capricorn Rising: 8th House affects 12th House

Aquarius Rising: 7th House affects 11th House

Pisces Rising: 6th House affects 10th House


Moon Enters Capricorn (11 PM, Lasts until Thursday)

Things quiet down significantly and you might feel restless or anxious until the Moon enters earthy Capricorn tonight. Your focus turns to a new House and the Moon holds high standards for your growth in this area. Work diligently and you’ll see maturity and restraint– but if you don’t see growth you might be harder on yourself at this time.

How to Apply This to Your Houses:

For example, I’m a Sagittarius Rising, so this means my 2nd House is affected.

This could mean that I start to see new developments in my financial resources (2nd House topic) over the next few days.

Aries Rising: 10th House

Taurus Rising: 9th House

Gemini Rising: 8th House

Cancer Rising: 7th House

Leo Rising: 6th House

Virgo Rising: 5th House

Libra Rising: 4th House

Scorpio Rising: 3rd House

Sagittarius Rising: 2nd House

Capricorn Rising: 1st House

Aquarius Rising: 12th House

Pisces Rising: 11th House



Below are the areas associated with each of the 12 “Houses” in astrology. These interpretations represent a blend of ancient and modern areas, and apply to the Rising Signs in each of the horoscopes above.

1st House represents the physical and mental self, your personality, your appearance, and the wellness of your body or mind.

2nd House represents your resources and security, money and finances, large possessions or property.

3rd House represents communication, basic learning, your local environment, traveling locally, siblings.

4th House represents your home, your family (especially your parents or your mother), your foundation, also privacy or matters that are not visible to others.

5th House represents what you create, whether that is projects, games or recreation, or even children.

6th House represents your daily routines around health, productivity, work, or the people you see every day (coworkers, especially those who you might supervise or support).

7th House represents your closest partners, including romantic partners or business partners.

8th House represents the resources or needs of others, including taking care of other people, managing other people’s affairs. Traditionally associated with death, now also associated with trust and intimacy.

9th House represents broadening your horizons, whether through education, philosophy, religion or spirituality, or traveling far distances (also meeting someone who has traveled to you from afar).

10th House represents your career or public life (can also represent your father).

11th House represents your friends, social groups, or social issues.

12th House represents hidden things, including: secrets, unexplored territory, the spiritual self or world, lost or locked things, imprisonment or enemies (traditionally).

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