Daily Horoscope: “Martial Art”

  • Major Event: Mars Sextile Uranus – This 2-year cycle of revolution is nearing completion as fiery Mars brings one last hurrah to the action. Topics that started out rocky in February 2017 should be stabilizing, but completely changed– and hopefully for the better!
  • Major Event: Mars in Pisces – Mars also enters the cooling sign of Pisces, and while it will experience dullness to its usually sharp edge, strength in numbers becomes the key to swift victory. Until the end of the year, don’t try to go it alone; rally the crew!
  • Minor Event: First Quarter Moon in Aquarius – You start to see some action on your Scorpio goals this month as we get the beginnings of light in the lunar cycle. Define your path and form the right connections to get you to your next level.

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Moon Mood

– Moon in Aquarius: Spontaneous, but Distant

  • Support from Venus (1 PM): Adaptability
  • Support for Uranus (10 PM): Social Reform
  • Mars Alignment (11 PM): Emotional Conflict

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