Daily Horoscope: “Blessings”

  • Minor Event: Sun Conjunct Jupiter – The Sun, having recently moved into Sagittarius, catches up with Jupiter, and shines a light on the work its been doing to start its glorious quest. Today is a lucky day, so enjoy and bask in the sunshine!
  • Minor Event: Mercury Square Mars – Due to Mercury’s retrograde, it will challenge the planet Mars again, not having done so in more than a month. This challenge sees the planets in new signs, and this conflict asks us to re-examine information that we’re already acting on.

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Moon Mood

– Moon in Cancer: Supportive, but Clingy

  • Challenge from Pluto (9 AM): Emotional Purging
  • Challenge to Venus (10 PM): Too Compromising
  • Aligned with North Node (11 PM): Over-Protective

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