Daily Horoscope: “Focus”

  • Minor Event: Sun Conjunct Mercury – When the Sun meets Mercury in retrograde, it’s like our senses are electrified. A new cycle begins in Sagittarius, and we see our purpose and path forward in extreme clarity.
  • Major Event: Saturn Sextile Mars – This dynamic duo teams up to amplify the disruption Mars is causing in Pisces. Saturn’s journey through Capricorn focuses Mars’ scattered efforts enough to really pack a punch!
  • Minor Event: Jupiter Conjunct Mercury – It’s a Sagittarius hat trick, as the last of the conjunctions brings together all the energy from the last two days into focus. Ideas are amplified and expanded upon, and your inspiration is magnified in all things Sagittarius.

-> Learn more from my Weekly Forecast Video: https://youtu.be/lcJKcx7GvFE



Moon Mood

– Moon in Leo: Playful, but Melodramatic

  • Challenge from Uranus (1 AM): Difficulty asking for support
  • Support for Jupiter (9 AM): Teaching & Preaching
  • Support for Mercury (10 AM): Listening

• Support for the Sun (11 AM): Pieces falling into place

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