Five-Minute Astrology: Week of 12/03/18

This is your five-minute astrology forecast for the week of December 3rd, 2018.

The theme this week is “Preparing to Heal”, and you’ll see as we go through the week what are the things that are related to that.

Nothing big to report in terms of the outer planet movements this week, so we’ll go to the inner planets. For the inner planets we’ve got Mars moving through Pisces, and it will catch up with Neptune this week so that is an exciting part of a two-year cycle that we’ll talk about later. Venus is now starting her journey through Scorpio. It is tough for Venus, but this is not her first rodeo of this year. She is going to be re-covering the ground that she lost during her retrograde, and continuing on into Scorpio. For Mercury this is the end of its retrograde cycle as well, and so it’s going to be going a little bit back into Scorpio and then beginning to head back into Sagittarius.

The Sun continues its journey through Sagittarius and it is helping us focus and achieve the purpose that we need to have to continue with our Sagittarius goals. We’ve also got the Sagittarius New Moon this week, which is going to start a new lunar cycle between the Sun and the Moon. The theme of your Sagittarius New Moon is in the chart below based on your rising sign. Of course, I love such a New Moon because I am a Sagittarius rising, so this affects my whole being and helps me achieve new beginnings!

Let’s talk about the major and minor aspects this week! On Wednesday we get a Sun square Neptune aspect. The Sun just squared Mars last week so this is that same configuration between Sagittarius and Pisces themes. While the Sun and Mars were related to other themes, Neptune is more related to vision or reality– how we see things. The Sun is all about how we see things, too, but it likes to see things clearly and importantly, so this theme between these two planets can be highlighting an important vision that we need to be able to see before we can move forward, or it could be about kind of knocking us down a peg with some of the things that we’ve been thinking are important. It’s shining a light on those things that now we need to see a little bit.

On Thursday we see Mercury stationing direct, which means its retrograde cycle is over it’s still not going to get very far out of Scorpio until next week once it picks up speed again. But this is definitely the time where it will be resolving its issues that it saw in the sign of Scorpio. So, check out the chart to see what those areas are that you are wrapping up this week.

On Friday, Mars does catch up to Neptune and this is very exciting this is the preparation for healing that begins a whole two-year cycle related to Mars and Neptune. So I will be making a complete video about it that you can catch that on Thursday so that you are prepared for Friday’s cycle. But this is very a very exciting part of being able to heal from past or future trauma so please check out that video.

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Taking a look at the entire week of “Preparing to Heal”,we are starting with the Moon in Scorpio. This is related to all of those good Mercury and Venus themes that are wrapping up, so this is that preparation to heal. We get that Sun square Neptune, which is clarifying things–  helping us see what needs to heal, and then as the Moon moves into Sagittarius we see Mercury kind of turn its head and follow suit into that sign. Friday there’s a lot of great energy– that Moon in Sagittarius catches up with the Sun, so we get our New Moon, marking the beginning of a new cycle of the Moon, and we get that Mars conjunct Neptune aspect and that is all about what we need to heal– what are the things that we need to take into our hands in order to prepare ourselves. Saturday the Moon moves into Capricorn– we’ve got high expectations for the things that have been started in motion but we have to take things one day at a time, and so over the weekend hopefully we’ll be able to do some planning to prepare.

That’s your five-minute astrological forecast for the week!

I’ll catch you on the next cycle!

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