Saturn in Capricorn – Week of 12/10/18

This is Daniel from Divine Orbit and you’re watching the Five-Minute Astrology Forecast for the week of December 10, 2018. This week focuses on Saturn in Capricorn!

The Outer Planets

This week with the outer planets, we will see some activity with Saturn, but one thing that I will add to the video that I haven’t added in the past is the relationship with planets in terms of their visibility to the Sun. When planets are too near to the Sun in the sky, they won’t be visible, and we call that “Under the Beams” of the Sun. Traditionally in astrology, that means that those planets have a dim effect compared to what they would normally have if the planets were actually visible to us. So as you can see in this chart, Jupiter is Under the Beams currently, because it is very near to the Sun. That is going to affect the strength that Jupiter has in its Sagittarius journey.

The Inner Planets

With the inner planets, we see Mars and Venus making considerable progress through their signs– Mars in Pisces and Venus in Scorpio. Mercury, now that he’s done with the retrograde, is also moving steadily and will be moving out of Scorpio this week.

Sun & Moon

The Sun is still in Sagittarius, which is giving us focus and purpose.  We will be getting the First Quarter Moon this Saturday in Pisces. This Pisces First Quarter Moon is part of the Sagittarius New Moon cycle that started last week. You can take a look at the chart below to figure out based on your Rising Sign which area the Moon is tackling this month for you. Don’t know your Rising Sign? This website can help you find it!

saturn in capricorn

Saturn Covers New Ground in Capricorn

Moving on to the major or minor transits of this week, we see the first one happening on Wednesday, and that is Saturn exiting its “shadow”. This means that Saturn is leaving the part of the Zodiac that it passed during its retrograde. It is going into new territory in Capricorn that it hasn’t been to before this time around. That means that Saturn’s going to be developing new themes and events related to Capricorn. That could look like delays, limitations, or barriers.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Shortly after that on Wednesday, we do see Mercury going into the sign of Sagittarius. This is not a great sign for Mercury, which is usually pretty quick. The Sagittarius pace is even quicker, so it can have a hard time keeping up!

Saturn becomes Invisible

So, remember we talked about “Under the Beams”? Saturn is actually starting to get Under the Beams as the Sun gets nearer to the sign of Capricorn. We will see on Friday, Saturn start to dim in the sky, and will not be visible to us. So that will make those new Saturn things that have started to happen dim a little bit. You might have some initial murmurings of new events happening in your life related to Saturn in Capricorn. They’re not going to start to become very active in your life until about a month later once the Sun is past Capricorn, though, and we start to see Saturn rising again in the sky.

Venus Supports Saturn

The big aspect that’s happening between planets this week happens on Sunday when Venus sextiles Saturn. This is a very supportive aspect. This is part of a cycle that’s related to the ability to attract and manifest, which are significations of Venus. But, with Saturn, there is a delay or limitations or barriers. It’s not a great combination of planets, and sometimes this means having patience or investing over time to get what you want.

Week At a Glance

If we take a look at the week, there is a lot that’s related to delays due to Saturn in Capricorn. The Moon starts in Capricorn this week and goes through Aquarius and Pisces. These are really some times for the Moon that are quite active and then, conversely, can be very chill. Then we do finally get that First Quarter Moon on Saturday, right before transitioning into Aries.

Those periods of activity align very well with the other things that are happening. As Saturn exits its shadow and covers new ground on Wednesday, we also see Mercury covering new topics. That period of activity is punctuated by that Pisces Moon. That’s where Saturn is Under the Beams, hesitating a little bit. Finally, Venus supports Saturn and that kind of counteracts that on Sunday, when the Moon is moving into Aries.

That is your Five-Minute Forecast for the week! Thank you so much for watching– I will catch you on the next cycle!

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