Daily Horoscope: “Rewards”

• Saturn Exits Shadow (4 PM): Saturn went retrograde this year from mid-April to mid-September (meaning it re-traced its path in the sky in reverse), and today it reaches the point that it stopped at in April and goes past it. Venturing into new territory in Capricorn, Saturn unlocks further opportunities for us if we are patient enough and put in the hard work.

• Mercury in Sagittarius (5 PM): Mercury is still re-tracing its steps from its most recent retrograde, entering the sign of Sagittarius again with full intentions of getting to the other side. The usually-fast planet has a hard time in this fast-paced sign, and we experience this as scattering or pressure to go faster than we might like!

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Moon Mood

– Moon in Aquarius: Spontaneous, but Distant

• Support from the Sun (11 AM): Resources – What are we open to receiving at this time?

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