Daily Horoscope: “Intensity”

• Saturn falls Under the Beams: The Sun is catching up with Saturn and preparing to join it in Capricorn. This means that we can no longer see Saturn in the evening skies because of its proximity to the bright beacon. Traditionally, this also means Saturn’s effects start to dim, making space for the Sun, the rightful King of the Solar System.

-> Learn more from my Weekly Forecast Video: https://youtu.be/tSyzNhwOGZI

Moon Mood

– Moon in Pisces: Intuitive, but Overwhelmed

• Support from Saturn (1 AM): External Purpose – What motivates us, extrinsically?

• Alignment with Neptune (10 AM): Sensitivity – What do we hold, emotionally?

• Alignment with Mars (8 PM): Emotional Conflict – What pain do we bear the burden of?

• Support from Pluto (11 PM): Intense Emotions – What is disproportionately affecting us?

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