Daily Horoscope: “Superpower”

• Pluto Sextile Mars: “Where did all this energy come from?” you find yourself asking, today! Mars gets supercharged by a dose of intense Pluto, and we experience this as a pump up for whatever we’re tackling early this week! Video coming out TODAY to explain more!

• Jupiter out from Under the Beams: Jupiter becomes visible in the morning skies again today as the Sun moves away from it, closer to Capricorn. We experience a rush of Jupiter opportunity, direction, and energy, as well!

• Venus exits shadow (9 PM): Another planet getting out there and building up momentum is Venus! While still in a difficult sign for her (Scorpio), she has finally exited the shadow of her retrograde and moves on to new territory. We start to see new things happen over the next week in terms of manifesting success.

-> Learn more from my Weekly Forecast Video: https://youtu.be/mGIinXzSRGA

Moon Mood

– Moon in Aries: Energized, but Volatile

• Challenge from Pluto: Poisoned – What have internalized that needs to be let go of?

• Support from Sun: Progress – How are we moving in the right direction?• Challenge from Nodes: What do we need to find more of?

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