Daily Horoscope: “Mountains”


💠 Venus Trine Neptune (11 AM): The aspects between these planets today reflect the need for Venus to escape from her retrograde and to do so, latch on to Neptune’s dreamy stirrings. We feel lighter, even if it’s just in our imagination.

💠 Mercury Conjunct Jupiter (11 AM): The final alignment for the year for these two planets also has a sense of forward momentum! Things start to align, especially around the areas that Jupiter is activating in Sagittarius for you.

💠 Sun in Capricorn (4 PM): We see a shift in focus to a more steady, slow pace. This month will be a great time re-connect with people, ground ourselves, and clear away barriers for the year ahead.

➡️ Learn more from my Weekly Forecast Video: https://youtu.be/mGIinXzSRGA

➡️ Learn more from my Weekly Forecast Video (5th Link in Bio!)

🌔 Moon Mood 🌔

♊️ – Moon in Gemini: Sociable, but Distracted

😳 Challenge from Jupiter (12 AM)

Over-Confidence – What assumptions are you making?

🤨 Challenge from Neptune (7 AM)

Loss – What do we need to honor to move forward?

🤨 Challenge from Mars (11 PM)

Acting Prematurely – What instincts aren’t serving you well?

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