Daily Horoscope: “Uncovering”


💠 Mercury exits its Shadow (10 AM): Finally leaving the ground it covered during its November retrograde, Mercury moves on to new topics in perspective and communication!

💠 Mercury Square Neptune (6 PM): As a result of new investigations, Mercury has found out what Neptune’s been hiding from us all along! What will be revealed today?


➡️ Learn more from my Weekly Forecast Video: https://youtu.be/pLZjh8oX2QM

➡️ Learn more from my Weekly Forecast Video (5th Link in Bio!)



♌️ – Moon in Leo: Playful, but Melodramatic

😊 Support from Mars (2 AM):

Nurturing – What dreams nourish your passion?

😳 Alignment with North Node (5 AM):

Bearing – What attracts your attention?

🤨 Challenge from Uranus (8 AM):

Difficulty Asking for Help – What point are you trying to prove?

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