Daily Horoscope: β€œWisps”


πŸ’  Mercury Under the Beams: Mercury rarely stays visible in the sky for long, as it lives permanently tethered to the Sun. Today we see it disappear, and our thoughts and reflections turn inwards for a while.


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β™ŽοΈ – Moon in Libra: Pleasant, but Indecisive

πŸ™ƒ Challenge to Pluto (2 AM):

Exposure – What is revealed to you, now?

😎 Support for Mercury (4 AM):

Forming New Opinions – What influences your thoughts?

🀨 Challenge from the Nodes (1 PM):

More with Less – What is dwindling that you need to conserve?

😳 Challenge from Uranus (4 PM):

Insecurity – What makes you feel unsafe?

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