The planet associated with drive, passion, and energy has not done well in the grounded sign of Taurus. With Mars’ transit into Gemini at the end of March (3/31/19), we get a decidedly different boost! We start gaining the energy and momentum to push ourselves faster, something that we’ve missed for the past 6 weeks. Mars is also the first planet to enter Gemini in a while and becomes a trailblazer for #geminiseason in May! We get to spice/stir things up in an area of our lives that may have been a little lackluster!

Mars in Gemini

If you know your Rising Sign, you can use the chart below to find out the area Mars is transiting over the next six weeks! It’s probably not the same as your Sun Sign, so find out here:

In general, Mars has a separating or cutting action. This can help us cut things out we don’t need, but a double-edged sword can hurt in the process!


For the first 3 weeks of Mars in Gemini, we don’t actually see much action. This might feel like energy you don’t know exactly what to do with, yet. But, with the arrival of Spring, there’s a plethora of things we could use energy for!

Things really heat up once Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) moves into Mars-ruled Aries. This “mutual reception” empower BOTH Mars and Mercury, and really creates the electricity needed to spark something new in Gemini! Mercury moves into Aries on April 17th.

Remember the Retrograde?

The last 3 weeks of Mars’ time in Gemini really sees the action. Neptune, maybe nostalgic for some action, squares Mars and brings back memories of the March Madness that was the Mercury retrograde! (At the time of writing this, Mercury is still retrograde, so it’s FRESH in my mind, now!)

This Neptune square on 4/27 really pushes us toward the new energy that’s been building up, and when Mercury makes an exact aspect to Mars from fiery Aries, the ignition is felt strongly! Over the next couple weeks we see new action happen in the Gemini area of your life that Mars is in. Venus follows suit mid-May, sealing this new momentum up, but not before Jupiter checks things out with an opposition on May 5th.

All this is to say that whatever area of your life Mars is heating up really sees the boiling point in May. This brings a new awareness of how the last two months of your life have been building up to this new point! Mars in Gemini helps us see clearly because of cutting out the distractions, and this is the new insight that propels us forward.

Mars leaves Gemini on May 15th. Keep an eye out for an article about the transit into the choppy waters of Cancer!

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