Here’s the boiling tea: graceful, cooperative Venus moves into Pisces on March 26, 2019! This is a relief, because there is a lot to sweep up after the stormy mess that has been the March 2019 Mercury Retrograde! Venus is not necessarily relegated to cleaning duties, though– and thank GOD, because we don’t need to reinforce patriarchal stereotypes! BUT, Venus naturally appreciates cooperation and brings things together. In other words, you can’t mop a floor with dirty water– the only thing that can positively follow the muddy Pisces waters right now is a new fresh, clean spring!

Venus in Your Life

If you know your Rising Sign, you can use the chart below to find out the area Venus is transiting over the next month! It’s probably not the same as your Sun Sign, so find out here: aree a

In general, Venus helps you attract or manifest success, and is cooperative.

Something New!

The day after Venus enters Pisces, they make a sweet sextile connection with super-charged Uranus. This definitely spells freshness in the least expected way, and this kind of distraction is exactly what we needed in this area! The days after a planet enters a new sign really help paint the picture for what they’ll spell out for us in our own lives, so this shake-up demands attention!

Uranus is moving through Taurus, which means it brings in its own business to add to what’s happening with Venus through this aspect. Check out the chart below to see where this additional topic comes from in your life!

Trying New Things

The rest of the action of Venus in Pisces really happens in mid-April. Venus catches up with Neptune on April 10th. This gives us some new ideas to riff off of to pull everything together. Whatever project has been manifesting for the past couple of weeks, this is the opportunity to pull it off!

The whole weekend you’ll find support to bring this process to completion. This mostly comes from sextile aspects from Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (4/12 and 4/14, respectively). It’ll feel so good to get things into place, especially because of last month’s Mercury Retrograde shiftstorm…

Ocean Roadblocks?

The ocean’s depth that we can think of as Pisces seems to have no limits, and after a rush of activity, we definitely feel limitless! However, we end up getting a strong nudge from Jupiter in Sagittarius on April 15th. Yikes… have you done your taxes, yet?) Jupiter also rules Pisces, so it is a gentle, strong nudge, but we definitely need the opportunity to not get carried away in too many new directions. This Jupiter aspect definitely has the final say for the last week of Venus in Pisces, and will give us exact directions for the future of this project for the last few days.

Check out this chart for the area Jupiter is transiting in your life!

Venus leaves Pisces on April 10th, so keep an eye out for an article about the transit into fiery Aries!

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