Sun in Aries 2019: Setting the Pace

The astrological New Year, of sorts, begins with the Sun entering Aries! This is the spark that lights the fuel for the entire next 12 months. The Sun gives us dry heat in Aries for the first couple of weeks. It enters Aries on March 20 and stays there through April 20. Things take off soon enough, though! Aries is said to be the sign of “Exaltation” for the Sun, where it is recognized with the highest honor! This is a productive and illuminating time for all!

Sun in Aries

If you know your Rising Sign, you can use the chart below to find out the area the Sun is transiting over the next four weeks! It’s probably not the same as your Sun Sign, so find out here:

In general, the Sun shines a giant spotlight into this area of your life. Sometimes this helps you gain recognition, but you also can’t hide anything during this time!


The build up of the Sun in Aries for the first two weeks allows us to see what we might be setting up this month. By the time the Aries New Moon occurs on April 5th, we really get a sense of what this month holds for us, at least in terms of the big themes!

The real action happens mid-April as the Sun encounters the challenging square aspects from Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. The Sun really doesn’t lose any momentum– it acknowledges these challenges, but receives a big reinforcement from Jupiter on April 14th when it completes a trine aspect! This series of planetary aspects represents a simple stumble, but the Sun keep right on going!

Out of the Heat

The best way to navigate the Sun in Aries? A strong offense that’s clean! Take advantage of the sublime energy available to you, but don’t feed into the hot temper that can also come along with it!

If you’re especially frustrated by the events happening in your life, use this time to focus on what’s really important. We get some other opportunities during this time to cut things out of our life that no longer serve us, so having something positive, bright, and shiny really helps!

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