How quickly can we forget the Mercury Retrograde of March 2019? Only as fast as Mercury travels through the fiery sign of Aries! On April 17, Mercury finally exits the scene of the crime and makes a run through Aries until May 6th. Like a cat recognizing the local presence of a cucumber, Mercury bolts as far away as possible! We get to see this journey in the morning skies as Mercury makes a rare appearance.

Mercury in Aries

If you know your Rising Sign, you can use the chart below to find out the area Mercury is transiting over the next three weeks! It’s probably not the same as your Sun Sign, so find out here:

In general, Mercury increases awareness, perception or curiosity in this area of your life. This doesn’t mean you see the truth– but you certainly find your focus on this area.

Mad Dash!

The first week of this transit sees Mercury regaining its speed after the SLOW retrograde motion. We feel brighter, more mentally agile, and certainly find the speed we’ve been missing in our lives! Normally Aries can be a harsh sign… but with Mars in Mercury’s sign of Gemini, there is a compatibility that increases the power of both planets! By the last week of April, Mercury finds a pace that’s lightning fast and quick-witted.

The only obstacles in Mercury’s path are the impending rays from Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. These mighty heroes have been battling with the South Node, and helping us eliminate that which doesn’t spark joy– on a cosmic level! This kind of transit might normally put huge roadblocks in our path, but this temporary alliance with Mars (and a little luck from Jupiter in Sagittarius), helps keep things moving along. What could be a big barrier for us on May 1st & 2nd really are only signposts that say “no parking”, meaning we need to keep on keeping on!

Facts & Figures

It’s easy to get so caught up in fleeing our recent mistakes or mishaps that we throw caution to the wind. Trying to catch up to stay on top of deadlines sometimes comes at the cost of quality, and where quality matters, this can be detrimental! Slow down enough to ensure you’ve got what you need to meet your goals, not just in the short-run, but also long-term.

Above all, recognize that Mercury quickly heads toward the next thing, and whatever comes now in this area of your life is temporary! We won’t see another retrograde cycle for a while… let’s worry about that in July. For now, make room for the warmth and energy that Mercury in Aries grants us!

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