It’s Taurus Season, y’all! This is where momentum from previous projects picks up and really carries through over the next month! The Sun breaks through the cold ground, carrying the heat from Aries to permeate and wake everything up. I don’t know about you, but the Sun in Aries was pretty great for me! My creative energies were on fire! Taurus isn’t quite as great for the Sun, but there is such a high from last month that we need a bit of a come-down, anyway. We get the Sun in Taurus on 4/20, and it will stay there until May 21.

Sun in Taurus

If you know your Rising Sign, you can use the chart below to find out the area the Sun is transiting over the next four weeks! It’s probably not the same as your Sun Sign, so find out here:

In general, the Sun shines a giant spotlight into this area of your life. Sometimes this helps you gain recognition, but you also can’t hide anything during this time!


We immediately see action from the Sun in Taurus as it aligns with Uranus in the early degrees of the sign. Uranus is a planet of breakthrough & breakdowns, revolution, and shock! In this earthy sign, this looks more like breakthroughs, where we see the physical manifestations of new ideas or concepts previously thought unimaginable. This conjunction occurs on Monday, April 22nd.

We really wrestle with the implications of this shock for the next couple weeks, and it’s not until the Sun connects with Neptune on May 8th that we see a way to turn things around. The reality of our situation can be overwhelming, and we need a bit of imagination to snap out of it!

The big turning point, where we make use of this new situation or shock, happens around May 11/13. The Sun receives Saturn & Pluto, who are flirting with the South Node in Capricorn. This big bull energy helps us carry through and make something significant out of what might otherwise be seen as a nuisance. Taurus is all about making the best of a situation, and remaining humble!

Into the Frying Pan

The best way to navigate the Sun in Taurus? Normally staying grounded is always a good thing, but this time around we’ve got to stay limber to avoid that first lightning strike from Uranus! This looks like staying humble and remembering that things that are grounded last longer– much of the shock will pass, eventually. We take what we need and turn the rest into something useful!

Focus on what you can do to keep your momentum moving forward. Setbacks are still something you can work with, and delays are opportunities to slow down and inspect progress!

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