Will 2021 be different from 2020? How will the astrological events of this coming year intersect with the different areas of your life? This month’s special offering focuses on the astrology of 2021 and your birth chart. Take advantage of this December 2020 Special and book your reading today at the discounted price of $75.00!

Find out what’s in store for you in 2021

This reading will help you explore what you can align your intentions and activities to and what healing or growth to focus on next year.

This reading is a 60-minute birth-chart consultation and can be adapted based on any prior experience with your birth-chart. This reading can be converted to a written report upon request.

What 2021 Has to Offer

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The Revolution Will Be Livestreamed

The planets Saturn & Uranus dance in a tight 90-degree pattern throughout the entire year of 2021, and this astrological event is often associated with a lot of action and movement. Revolution, rebellion, and reform are the themes of these events happening in February, June, and December 2021. We will no doubt see some huge changes globally and locally, and when we take a look at your birthchart we can see the personal impacts in your life.

Jupiter Shining

Jupiter spent practically the entire year of 2020 in Capricorn, a sign in which it is said to struggle more than others– can you relate? Jupiter starts off 2021 in Aquarius, which should provide a refreshing feeling, but the real treat for this planet is when it enters Pisces May through July. Pisces is a place of great effectiveness for Jupiter, and the planet’s benevolent grace will shine. Step aside, 2020… it’s time for a change!

Summer & Winter Eclipses

We will also see the last eclipses in the signs of Gemini & Sagittarius in 2021, closing some chapters of new growth or sudden change that have been developing since Summer of 2020. Not everyone is impacted by eclipses personally, although looking at your birthchart can help determine whether these changes or opportunities for growth are calling your number.

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