Astrological Houses

Houses in Astrology

One way to determine the area of your life that astrology could impact is the house system. Based on your Rising Sign, this system divides the zodiac into 12 parts, each one corresponding with a different area of your life. The Ancients used equal slices, each one exactly corresponding to a different sign of the zodiac.

When you see a horoscope written for a Rising Sign, it’s based on this system! Every now and then I’ll reference the following symbols as shortcuts for the multiple things these different houses represent. Check out the list below to see which symbols I use to stand for each house meaning.


House 1 1st House: Self (Body and Mind), Beginnings
House 2 2nd House: Resources, Finances, Possessions
House 3 3rd House: Communication, Learning, Siblings
House 4 4th House: Family, Parents, Home
House 5 5th House: Children, Creative Projects, Recreation
House 6 6th House: Physical Health, Labor/Work, Coworkers
House 7 7th House: Close Partners (Romantic or Business)
House 8 8th House: Managing Shared Resources, Debt
House 9 9th House: Higher Education, Travel, Expanding Beliefs
House 10 10th House: Career, Public Life
House 11 11th House: Friends, Social Networks or Groups
House 12 12th House: Hidden, Lost, or Trapped people or things, Spirituality, Endings
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