The world is full of questions, and while we might not be able to find the answers just by asking, sometimes inspiration can be found by looking in the most unexpected of places.

Using a blend of traditional and modern techniques, I provide insight into the cycles and archetypes of astrology based on your unique natal chart. Through dialogue, I help clients understand their cycles and help them apply what they learn to re-examine the past or set goals for the future.

Those really tough questions require an investment of time! This 90-minute session serves to get past the basics of your natal chart and into extended topics. You’ll submit your birth data (date, time, and location), and the topic(s) you’re interested in knowing more about, then book a session with me.

Everything starts with what makes your astrological path unique: your natal chart. This 60-minute session will cover the top most important things about your chart and what is in store for you in the immediate future. You’ll submit your birth data (date, time, and location), then book a session with me.

Want to know more about your astrological path but don’t have time for a full session? The most important information about your birth chart can be found relatively quickly based on your birth data (date, time, and location). You’ll receive a customized report about the basic of your natal chart as well as a glance ahead for what’s in story for you in the immediate future.

Note: These consultations are not considered medical or legal advice, and should be understood as such.

Refund Policy: If you are not satisfied with your consultation, please let us know at and we will do our best to refund you.

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