We all face external pressures about what we should be achieving every day, and we tend to internalize those pressures until they become our own voices. Success doesn’t have to be based on what you achieve, or how productive you are– success literally means “whatever comes next”. Learn to change your relationship to goal-setting and the concepts of success and failure!

Jupiter’s Journey: Conditions for Long-Term Success

Jupiter, often called the “lucky planet”, invites everyone to work intentionally as a way to prepare for future opportunities. This 8-session course will create a supportive environment in which you can explore your long-term goals intentionally, using a framework of astrology as a reflective practice.

In this course you will…

• Shape & Articulate Long-Term Goals

• Change your relationship to “success” and “failure”

• Learn Astrology (Basic – Intermediate)

• Understand Jupiter’s cycles and their role in your life

• Have opportunities for Group Feedback and 1×1 Coaching

• Gain access to future course versions and resources!

This course is ideal for people open to learning astrology with a strong desire to explore their long-term personal or professional growth.

Course Syllabus, Fall 2021:

All courses take place via Zoom on Thursdays, from 8:30 PM – 10:00 PM ET (5:30 PM – 7:00 PM PT). The deadline to register for Fall 2021 is Friday, 9/24/21.

NOTE: If Thursdays don’t work for your schedule, you can select a 1×1 coaching experience by joining the waitlist for coaching (you can select a 3-session or 6-session coaching package).

10/7/21 – Session #1: Workshop – Introduction to Jupiter’s Cycle

10/14/21 – Session #2: Seminar – Your Personal Jupiter Cycles

10/21/21 – Session #3: Workshop – Long-Term Goal-Setting with Jupiter

10/28/21 – Session #4: Seminar – Your Personal 10-Year Vision & 3-Year Plan

11/4/21 – Session #5: Workshop – Jupiter’s Journey in 2020

11/11/21 – Session #6: Seminar – Your Personal 1-Year Goals

11/18/21 – Session #7: Workshop – Working with Jupiter Weekly

TBD – Session #8: 1×1 Coaching – Schedule a 1-month follow-up with Astrologer Daniel Bernal of Divine Orbit Astrology!

About the Teacher

Daniel Bernal started Divine Orbit Astrology in 2017 with the hopes of engaging people in astrology for community, personal growth, and empowerment. Daniel has been working in education in Saint Paul, Minnesota for 14 years, and has been a student of the stars for 5 years.

Course Registration

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