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Astrology of December 2019 – QUEER SKIES EP. 6

Drew and Daniel break down the month of December, astrologically. We serve up a healthy discussion on Jupiter in Capricorn and tackle the multiple other transits in Capricorn and Scorpio. Midway through the episode, we also spend a few minutes discussing why even in the middle of amazing transits, a difficult transit can really hit …

Feminist Theory, Queer Theory, & Cross-Pollination with Astrology – QUEER SKIES EP. 4

Queer Skies ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Episode 4 – Feminist Theory, Queer Theory, & Cross-Pollination with Astrology ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Guest Michael J. Morris of Co Witchcraft Offerings joins the podcast for a discussion on the complexities of working as a practitioning astrologer, the connections with the astrological community, and cross-pollination with/into other practices. _______________________________________ Follow Michael! Instagram: @cowitchcraftofferings https://www.instagram.com/cowitchcraftofferings

Shamanic Astrology, Quantum Science, and Storytelling – QUEER SKIES EP. 3 PT 1

Ascended Master Antojai joins Drew and Daniel for a thorough discussion about shamanic perspectives of astrology, modern scientific intersections with spiritual practice, and the power of thought and storytelling in shaping reality! This discussion was so lively that we had to have the entire October Forecast as Part 2– so if you’re excited to know …