Queer Skies
Queer Skies
Astrology of 2020, with Michael J. Morris – QUEER SKIES EP. 7

Guest Michael J. Morris of Co Witchcraft Offerings joins the podcast again, this time to break down the astrology of 2020. We discuss the various dances occurring between Mercury & Saturn, Mars & Uranus, Venus & Jupiter. Take a look at what is in the stars this month!

In this episode, we invite the extraordinary Michael J. Morris back as a guest to help us explore the astrological terrain of 2020! We talk about Saturn & Jupiter’s meetings with Pluto and the ways power structures and cancel culture might change. We talk about Mercury’s carbonated retrogrades powered by Uranus. We talk about the Venus and Mars retrogrades this year, what lessons they bring for us in terms of survival and resistance, and we talk big picture about what Aquarius has in store for us as our attention shifts.

If you didn’t catch Episode 4 with Michael. J Morris, catch it here: 


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